The 2017 Metro Barbell Classic was a great start to the upcoming Winter Weightlifting season, which official starts in November, and runs through February.

A huge thanks to Metro Tech High School for hosting the competition, Coaches Mario Malaby and Dina Medina for making things happen, the MTHS students that helped out all day, the Principal & Administration for their support, and for all the coaches and parents that jumped in and helped with set up. We also appreciate all those that helped out the Metro Tech Weightlifting club with the Goodwill Drive.

Another big thank you to Referees and Officials – David Brown, Mario Malaby, Eddie Aguirre, Mahina Mason, Eric Bramwell, and all the others that helped out. We appreciate the time and effort!

The Meet results are posted in RESULTS, and are also posted to USAW website here

Current USAW Arizona LWC Records, updated with results from the competition are posted in RECORDS

We had a great competition, with some incredible record-setting performances! A few highlights:

First Time Competitors – 11 New Lifters!

Congratulations to following athletes for participating in their first Competition:

  • Diane Fuller
  • Olivia Borg
  • Kawena Mason
  • Leila Cook
  • Johana Vargas
  • Carmen Cruz
  • Lesly Martinez
  • Yuliana Lopez
  • Karen Rivera
  • Celina Ortega
  • Owen Woodford

They all now have new Competition “Lifetime Bests”, and we look forward to many more Personal Record-setting performance ahead for them!


Best Lifters – Elizabeth Zapata (1st), Peyton Brown (2nd), Leila Cook (3rd)

New Women’s State Records – 19 New Record Lifts!
The Competition started out with Kawena Mason breaking the 13 & Under girls 31kg Class Snatch Record with a lift of 18kg on her first attempt. She would break it again on her second attempt of 19kg, and that record was then broken by Olivia Borg at 23kg! Olivia would go to break the Total Record twice with her second and third attempts ending with a new Record Total of 53kg.


In the Youth 14-15 age group, 48kg Category, Grace Borg opened with a new Snatch record of 42kg, then would go on to set the Clean & Jerk Record twice at 51kg, then 53kg.


In her Weightlifting debut, Leila Cook stormed on to the Weightlifting scene with new Snatch Records of 50kg, and 53kg, and would go on with Clean & Jerk Records of 70kg, 73kg, and 76kg, and Total Records of 123kg, 126kg, and 129kg. Leila broke the State Records of former Youth World Team member and Youth American Record-holder Kaija Bramwell, so we can expect to see great things from Leila!


At the end of competition, new records stood as follows:

Olivia Borg (31kg, Y13&U) – 23 Snatch, 53 Total
Grace Borg (48kg, Y14-15) – 42 Snatch, 53 C&J, 95 Total
Leila Cook (53kg, Y14-15) – 53 Snatch, 76 C&J, 129 Total


Best Lifters – Camden Gilbert (1st), Beau Poteet (2nd), Isaac Aguirre (3rd)

New AZ LWC Records – 10 New Record Lifts!
13-year old Owen Woodford set new State Snatch records with his second attempt of 48kg, then would break that on his third attempt at 50kg. Owen would also set records on each of his Clean & Jerk attempts finishing with New State Record Clean & Jerk of 68kg, and Total of 118kg. Next, 15-year old Isaac Aguirre would go on make a Clean & Jerk of 102kg breaking his own record of 101kg, also at the same time setting a new Total Record of 179kg!

At the end of competition, new Boys State records stood as follows:

Owen Woodford (62kg, Y13&U) – 50 Snatch, 68 C&J, 118 Total
Isaac Aguirre (69kg, Y14-15) – 102 C&J, 179 Total


Congratulations to the Junior & Youth National qualifiers, and we wish them the best as they prepare for the National stage!

Junior National Qualifiers (Women) – Leila Cook, Peyton Brown
Junior National Qualifiers (Men) – Camden Gilbert
Youth National Qualifiers (Women) – Olivia Borg, Kawena Mason, Grace Borg, Kale’a Mason, Leila Cook, Peyton Brown
Youth National Qualifiers (Men) – Owen Woodford, Isaac Aguirre, Camden Gilbert

We also want to wish competitor Peyton Brown the best as she prepares for the upcoming American Open Finals, and pursues a spot for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games!



NOTE – Fore info, full details, and registration, see SCHEDULE


SAT 12/2/17 – Arizona Lift Off!

USAW Sanctioned Weightlifting Competition + CrossFit Lift Off Workout

Details: Our first cross-over event, will include a USAW Sanctioned Open Meet & Youth/High School Developmental Meet (with its own awards) , combined with a CrossFit WOD as announced 11/30 as part of the annual CrossFit Liftoff. Athletes will have the option to participate in one of both of the events. Those participating in the Weightlifting competition AND the WOD will be eligible for awards for the Arizona Liftoff to crown “Arizona’s Fittest Weightlifter”!. Participant may use their results from the event to submit to the official CrossFit event by using the required submission standards.


SAT 12/23/17 – Jingle Barbells Winter Classic & Record Breaker

USAW Sanctioned Weightlifting Competition

Details: A USAW Sanctioned Meet that will be a High School Invitational Meet and Youth/Junior/Open Record Breaker – The is the last chance of the year for State Records for athletes that may be moving up age categories. Competition will have individual and team awards in the High School Division, and Youth/Junior/Open Awards based on % of State Record.


SAT 1/20/18 – Youth/Junior/Open/Masters & Junior National Qualifier

USAW Sanctioned Weightlifting Competition

Details: A USAW Sanctioned Open Meet that will be also be High School Invitational Meet (High School Divisions) and Last Chance Junior National Qualifier.


SAT 2/3/18 (Tentative) – Youth/Junior/Open/Masters & Arizona High School State Championship

USAW Sanctioned Weightlifting Competition

Details: A USAW Sanctioned Open Meet that will be also be the 2018 Arizona High School State Championship (High School Team & Individual Divisions).


SAT 5/19/18 – Team Arizona Open & Youth National Qualifier

USAW Sanctioned Weightlifting Competition

Details: A USAW Sanctioned Open Meet that will be also be the Last Chance to Qualify for the 2018 USAW Youth Nationals (held June 14-17 in Grand Rapids, Michigan).


We look forward to seeing you at these and other future events!