2018-2019 Season:

 12/15/2018 – High School, Youth & Open / Record Breaker – Queen Creek HS (Click for Details)

 1/12/2019 – Bulldog Open & Junior National Qualifier – Queen Creek HS (Click for Details)

2/2/2019 – Arizona High School State Championship & Youth/Junior/Collegiate Open – Phoenix Central HS (Click for Details)

     2019 RESULTS

    2019 High School Championship Meet Info

    2019 High School State Championship Team Entry Info & Roster

    2018-2019 Athlete Participation Waiver

    NOW POSTED:  Final Schedule & Startlist

5/18/2019 – AZ Summer Slam & Youth National / AO2 Qualifier (Click for Details)

    NOW POSTED: 2019 Summer Slam – Startlist 2019-05-16 

11/2/2019 – Fall Classic & AO Finals Qualifier / HS Developmental

12/14/2019 – Winter Record Breaker / HS Developmental

2017-2018 Season:

10/28/2017 – Metro Barbell Classic – Metro Tech HS – Phoenix, AZ (Click for Details)

     2017 Metro Barbell Classic – Final Schedule & Start List

       10/28 Results


12/23/2017 – AZHSWA #1 High School & Youth Open / Record Breaker – ALA Queen Creek (Click for Details)

     12/23 Results


 2/3/2018 – Arizona High School State Championship & Youth Open

      2018 High School State Championship INFO

  WOMEN – AZHSWA Results 2018-02-03 State Championship

    MEN – AZHSWA Results 2018-02-03 State Championship 

 5/12/2018 – Desert Valley Barbell Open / Youth National Qualifier – Crossfit XA Mesa (Click for Details)

      AZHSWA Results 2018-05-12 Summer Slam YNC Qualifier


The Sport of Weightlifting is one of the oldest Olympic Sports, and has stood the test of time as one of the greatest displays of Power, Speed, Strength, Balance, Flexibility & Coordination. The two lifts – The Snatch, and the Clean & Jerk – are among the most athletic movements in all of Sport!


The AZHSWA supports involvement in Powerlifting events, as a way to experience other “Iron Sports”. Powerlifting includes the Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift movements, and occasionally other movements such as Strict Curl and Power Clean.


The AZHSWA will also help promote Fitness events that include Combine Testing, Strength Events, and Functional Fitness or “CrossFit” Style Workouts.

The Primary goal is to develop the “Total Athlete”!